Machine Learning Lab @EWHA

Department of Statistics

EWHA Womans University

Machine Learning Laboratory (ML Lab) @EWHA is a machine learning research group, which is led by Prof. Weonyoung Joo of the Department of Statistics, EWHA Womans University, since 2022 spring.

ML Lab in the Department of Statistics, College of Natural Sciences, EWHA Womans University, was initiated in 2022 spring after Prof. Weonyoung Joo joined EWHA. Our lab aims to research and resolve diverse challenges in the machine learning community. We mainly focus on studying core machine learning algorithms and their various properties with theoretical grounds, including deep learning and generative models. But not limited to those, the students in ML Lab are free to choose their own research topics in the related field of machine learning. Please read the Research section for detailed research interests of ML Lab. We are looking for highly self-motivated students as PhD candidates, MS candidates, and BS interns who have deep interests in machine learning. For the students who are interested in joining ML Lab, please read the FAQ section and feel free to contact us via email (weonyoungjoo [at] for detailed information.